We have started to reopen our Day Centre, currently we are open for members Tuesday and Thursday and hope to open another day soon.
To keep socialy distanced we are strictly limiting numbers and everybody sits on seperate tables.
We ask everybody to use face coverings when moving around the building or on our minibus and to use the hand sanitiser provided.

If your bum is on a seat
Take off your mask to drink and eat
But if your bum is in the air
Please wear a mask it's only fair

Our office is still open 5 days a week and we are doing what we can for our members who are not yet ready to return including regular phone calls, newsletters and a contact point for them to call for help and advice.
Friday mornings we have a low tech conference call with up to about 10 people shareing a chat on the telephone. No computer required.
If you would like to take part in any of our activities please contact the office.

We need help

We urgently need volunteer drivers and escorts for our Minibus to help our members to access our daycentre. Please get in touch on 020 8642 5496 or

  • Days are Monday to Friday
  • Minibus shifts are 10am and or 2:30pm for about 1 hour
  • To drive our minibus you will need the group D1 on your licence
  • Meals on Wheels shifts 11:15 am - 2pm

Sutton Lodge

Day Centre for Senior Citizens

Are you busy every day? if so Sutton Lodge Day Centre is not the club for you but if you find that now you are retired your not as busy as you would like to be then look around our website to see if we are the club for you.

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Sutton Lodge Newsletter

Our newsletter gives a good flavour of what happens at the Lodge. It is published when we have enough news to fill it and enough time to produce it.

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