About Us

  • Are you bored with daytime telly?
  • Fed up with the same four walls?
  • Trouble deciding what to cook for lunch?

If you are then why not come and join us. You can spend a few hours a day in our beautiful 18th Century listed building and not have these problems. It will also enable you to meet new people and make new friends.

To start with, we do not watch daytime TV. We have a telly but use it only for other activities including our cryptic crossword group, also we can offer a range of other activities to occupy your time.

Our lunches are very popular with our members, our kitchen provides a 2 course meal with a varying menu and options to cater for personal tastes or dietary requirements.

We offer gentle chair based exercise to music Monday to Thursday to help you keep active and flexible.

We don't ignore the more traditional activities with regular bingo sessions, board games, card games and a weekly raffle.

See the Events tab for a listing of our regular activities.


Our current charges are:

  • £10 for a full day including drinks and lunch
  • £2.50 for a half day excluding lunch
  • £2.50 a day for transport (if available)


Every month throughout spring, summer and autumn we try and have at least two trips; normally one day trip and one afternoon trip. Day trips are normally to the coast or to country pubs and afternoon trips to the theatre or a run in the country with a stop for a cream tea.

Other Services

We have a chiropodist on site once a month and a unisex hairdresser every Tuesday; both of these charge, but prices are reasonable.

We do have a mini-bus, but this is only able to pick up a limited number of members that are unable to use public transport. There is sometimes a waiting list for this service.